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Presenting our MedXer platform at PMRC 2023

June 13-14, 2023 San Francisco

Visit Our booth for a demo!

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How do you drive your company’s performance? Just ask patients.

rXperius proudly introduces first-in-class mobile apps that enable patients to easily provide critical feedback and unique insights in real time and over time. Actionable feedback can help pharma companies improve the customer experience and drive product performance.

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Understand BRAND and MARKET Dynamics OVER TIME

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SECURE easy-to-use PATIENT-FRIENDLY platform


Committed to helping pharma companies make evidence-based decisions.

rXperius serves the combined industries of information technology and drug development consulting. rXperius apps capture user experiences in real time, and over time.

We are passionate about patients and their perspectives.

We value innovation and creativity.

We challenge ourselves to think outside the box.


A dynamic team with over 125 years of experience.

Headshot Of Steve Castillo

Steve Castillo

CEO / Founder

Headshot Of Trevor Scott

Trevor Scott

Founder / Advisor

Headshot Of Fran Barnes-Melvin

Fran Barnes-Melvin

Chief Operations Officer

Headshot Of Irish Dunlap

Irish Dunlap

Chief Commercial Officer

Ben Gilman


Lee Anne Contarino

Project Manager

Tony Click

Technical Advisor

Tom Laughery

Strategic Advisor

Michael O’Hara

Startup Advisor

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Developed 1st mobile app for patient feedback on prescription medicines

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Establishing first in class app for clinical trial patients

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Created innovative dashboard displaying real time and over time data

Our promise to you

“We will never stop innovating, solving problems, or disrupting the status quo. We will be a partner that our clients can trust – always!”



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Capture rapid insights and take action fast.

ClinTrialsXer will get insights from clinical trial patients in real-time via a HIPAA-compliant and secure mobile app. The ease of use will motivate patients to complete the pharma-designed surveys. Real-time patient insights and integration with pharma clinical data systems leads to faster decision-making. Currently in development—available 4Q 2022.

Why ClinTrialsXer?

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Obtain HIPAA-COMPLIANT feedback with end to end data encryption

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Receive REAL-TIME & OVER TIME data

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LEVERAGE DATA to make decisions FASTER



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Get real-time data and continuous patient insights.

MedXer gets insights from patients in real-time and pays patients cash fast – motivating them to complete pharma-designed surveys monthly. Real-time data and continuous patient insights can lead to faster decision-making.

What is MedXer?


What makes MedXer unique?

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Can access patients from across the US

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Easy for patients to participate and give feedback

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Patient feedback available in both real time and over time

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Patient data updated on a dashboard daily

Survey Questions

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Pharmaceutical consulting offering regulatory, clinical, and scientific advice.

rXperius’ consulting business provides strategic drug development guidance to small and emerging pharma companies looking to engage the FDA to advance drug development programs.

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Superior regulatory strategy and clinical development guidance

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Expert regulatory and clinical strategic advice to biopharma clients

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Consultants with experience interacting with the FDA

Regulatory Strategy and Communications

Deliver regulatory strategies that comply with Health Authority regulations, but seek to realize innovative solutions that follow the evolving practice of medicine.

  • Provide drug development guidance and regulatory strategies
  • Draft FDA Correspondence, prep for scheduled FDA meetings
  • Advise and draft development plans and oversee execution of plans

Medical / Clinical Development

Develop solutions to drive clinical development forward by using the current medical and scientific advances that provide benefits to patients.

  • Protocol synopsis and full protocol review
  • Clinical Development Planning
  • Drug Development Planning
  • Clinical study vendors identification and negotiation

CMC and Quality

Create strategies that balance time, quality and cost efficiencies that can meet early development needs and regulatory requirements.

  • Review of all CMC regulatory documents and reports
  • Final Formulation, packaging and labelling support
  • Stability Program Development
  • Technology Transfer Planning


Let’s partner and succeed together.

Contact us and see how we can help you achieve commercial success. But please allow 24-48 hours for a response – we’re busy creating the next idea to drive your performance forward!

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