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Engage the Patient

rXperius introduces the first-in-class mobile platform that enables patient engagement across the USA. Patients can simply and easily provide critical feedback and unique insights on their healthcare experiences in real-time and over time.

Post your healthcare questions on a Monday and see patient feedback start to rolling in on Tuesday.

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Capture INSIGHTS rapidly to gain better clarity

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Real-time analytics help you realize MARKET DYNAMiCS instantaneously

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TAKE ACTION QUICKLY based on actionable patient data


Committed to helping healthcare companies make better evidence-based decisions.

rXperius is building the definitive database of USA patient experience. Using mobile technology combined with our innovative analytics package, we provide healthcare organizations with the opportunity to realize new insights directly from patients across all mobile accessible areas of the USA.

Top Health Conditions/Diseases of Interest:

  • Heart Disease
  • Kidney Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Vascular Disease
  • Respiratory Disease
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Skin Conditions
  • Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Mental/Behavioral Disease
  • Inflammation Disease
  • Circulatory Disease
  • Oral Disease
  • Rare Diseases

Building a patient community to give their voice to the healthcare industry.

Using technology to shape future healthcare.

Applying security protocols to ensure patients are safe and anonymous.

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Launched the 1st Android and iOS mobile app to collect patient insights in real-time.

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Patients have a platform to simply and safely give their feedback where and when they want. Takes a few minutes to respond to questions, and get paid via Venmo in 24 – 48 hrs.

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Our innovative platform offers real-time visualization patient data, so trends can be quickly identified and acted on.

Our Mission

  • Build a patient community who want to change the future of healthcare in the US
  • Be inclusive of all US patients with a defined chronic disease
  • All app users’ data is striped of any personal identity information, de-identified and aggregated in our data lake
  • Protect all patient data
  • rXperius will never sell individual patient data or contact information (unless requested and consented by Patient app user)


MedXer Platform

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Collecting patient insights and experiences in real-time on their healthcare issues.

The MedXer platform was developed to provide a reliable and secure patient engagement tool. Clients can provide us questions on Monday and in 24hrs these questions are loaded into the system and pushed out to our thousands of registered patient users. And by Wednesday, clients can start to visualize responses and trends to their most critical questions.

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Survey Questions

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Video Highlights

MedXer Platform Basics

MedXer Data Visualization Basics

What makes MedXer unique?

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Seamlessly access patients from across the US

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Easy, simple, and secure app for real-time patient data

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Patient insights will shape the future of healthcare


Let us resolve your most pressing question.

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