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The first Rx survey app!

rXperius is bringing the 1st ever Rx patient survey app, Medxer, to market. We will provide pharmaceutical companies rapid insights from a projectable panel of their patients in real time and longitudinally on an interactive dashboard updated daily. This allows pharma to action as appropriate to help drive product performance. Patients are paid cash immediately, motivating them to sign up and complete pharma-designed surveys either once or twice a month.

How It Works

It is easy for patients to get started. They download the app and start making money by taking their medicine surveys through our simple, yet elegant mobile application.

Earn up to $250 a year!

Each survey is worth $10 – $20

Surveys take 2-3 minutes each

About  Us

rXperius, Inc. was founded in 2019. We are a North Carolina technology startup company that will be launching innovative software applications and analytics.

MedXer, the first application, will soon be available to Pharma Marketing teams who are shifting focus to real-time data analytics to gain customer feedback and experiences quickly, allowing deeper patient insights and faster evaluation of marketing strategies.

MedXer is a patient market research tool via a patient friendly phone app that pays patients for completing short monthly Pharma-designed surveys on medicine experiences.

MedXer uses proprietary analytics to obtain prescription user medicine feedback, providing real-time and ongoing data analytics to augment Pharma marketing data sources.

The advantage of using MedXer, a mobile technology application to capture patients medicine experience, is:

  • Customizable questions for each survey
  • Patient prescription possession validated via scanned drug label
  • Real-time & longitudinal adult prescription dataset from across America

Case Example

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