Introducing our first technology offering:

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Was founded in 2019 & incorporated in 2020 in Delaware

Is a US company, headquartered in Raleigh, NC, serving the combined industries of  information technology and drug development consulting

Is the architect of innovative technology platforms that capture user experiences in real-time and over time with output analytics that companies can use to make evidence-based decisions

Created by a team with over 100 years of cross-functional pharmaceutical experience

Technology Services

Offering clients the ability to utilize innovative technologies to capture and analyze user experiences

rXperius’ first technology offering, MedXer, is a mobile-based application for patients to provide insights on their medicine experience in real-time and over-time to help pharmaceutical companies drive performance.

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Pharmaceutical  Consulting

Offering regulatory, clinical, and scientific advice

The consulting business provides strategic drug development guidance with dynamic execution to both small/emerging pharmaceutical companies that are looking to engage the FDA to advance their overall drug development program towards a defined corporate goal.

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  • Is launching Fall 2021.
  • Provides pharmaceutical companies rapid insights from a projectable panel of their patients in real-time and over time on an interactive dashboard updated daily. This allows pharma to action as appropriate to help drive product performance.
  • Pays patients cash within 24-48 hours, motivating them to sign up and complete pharma-designed surveys either once or twice a month.
  • Enables Pharma Marketing teams who are shifting focus to real-time data analytics to gain customer feedback and experiences quickly, allowing deeper patient insights and faster evaluation of marketing strategies.
  • Advantages are:
    • Customizable questions for each survey
    • Patient prescription possession validated via scanned drug label
    • Real-time & longitudinal adult prescription dataset from across America

How It Works


Contact rXperius to have surveys on your branded prescription medicine available on our MedXer mobile app for patients to give you feedback on your medicine in real-time and over-time.


Create a ten-question survey on your branded medicine to be added to MedXer. The survey will be available for a month and then you can submit your next survey.


Open your MedXer interactive dashboard daily to view patients’ responses to your questions. Action as appropriate based on patient feedback.

About Pharmaceutical Consulting

Providing superior regulatory strategy and clinical development guidance for innovative medicines

Our Consulting Group provides expert regulatory and clinical strategic advice to biopharma clients who are seeking veteran pharmaceutical Consultants who have the knowledge and experience in interacting with the FDA.

We work with small emerging pharmaceutical and biotech companies that are looking to transition from late discovery stage of initiation of interactions with the FDA (Pre-IND/IND) with the overall goal of rapidly entering into early phase drug development.

Our Consulting Team goes beyond client expectations towards developing a connection with each client. That is beyond a transactional event.

Consulting Services

Regulatory Strategy & Communications

Deliver regulatory strategies that comply with Health Authority regulations, but seek to realize innovative solutions that follow the evolving practice of medicine

  • Provide drug development guidance and regulatory strategies

  • Draft FDA Correspondence, prep for scheduled FDA  Meetings

  • Advise and draft development plans and oversee execution of plans

Medical / Clinical Development

Develop solutions to drive clinical development forward by using the current medical and scientific advances that provide benefits to patients

  • Protocol synopsis and full protocol review

  • Clinical Development Planning

  • Drug Development Planning

  • Clinical study vendors identification and negotiation

CMC and Quality

Create strategies that balance time, quality and cost efficiencies that can meet early development needs and regulatory requirements

  • Review of all CMC regulatory documents and reports

  • Final Formulation, packaging and labelling support

  • Stability Program Development

  • Technology Transfer Planning

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